Core Values

What’s truly important to us as an Organization

MTSI’s core values define who we are and ensure that as we grow we are able to maintain our unique and positive culture. As we hire new employees, we look for people who both understand the need for these core values and are willing to embrace and embody them in the name of MTSI.

We have nine core values that clearly define the MTSI culture. They are reflected in everything we do and every interaction we have. Our core values are the framework from which we make all of our decisions and the standards by which we measure ourselves.


  1. Employees Come First
  2. Leadership, Quality, and Responsiveness in Service Delivery
  3. Own and Solve Our Customer’s Problems
  4. Ethics, Integrity, and Trust
  5. Organizational Teamwork and Collaboration
  6. Open, Honest, and Respectful Communications
  7. An Entrepreneurial Environment Which Empowers Teams and Individuals
  8. Opportunity Based on Merit
  9. Social Responsibility