Supporting Global Mission Readiness

Army Equipment Drop The Army must be ready and vigilant to meet the challenges of the future, in the face of structure cuts and budget constraints, to meet the Nation’s demands at home and abroad. To achieve the Chief of Staff of the Army’s transformational vision, it must refocus on transitioning itself to a smaller, more agile and lethal force. This force should be capable of operating effectively across the operational spectrum and fully integrating with its operational and strategic partners to function effectively in the Joint, Inter-Agency, Inter-Governmental and Multi-National (JIIM) arenas.
MTSI has supported the Army for over twenty years, and has been an integral partner with the Army and its sister services in enhancing their vital warfighting functions including Mission Command, Movement and Maneuver, Intelligence, Fires, Sustainment, and Protection. In executing these functions, MTSI has been a significant contributor in the Battle Command, Army Air and Missile Defense, Aviation, Special Operations, Unmanned Aerial Systems and other arenas that are key battlefield enablers.

Today, MTSI continues to leverage its expertise, technical skills and experience in these and in a variety of other mission areas to include research, development, test and evaluation support for key Army systems; strategic planning and integration support to a number of Army programs; and subject matter expertise to the Army’s Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) initiative.

As the Army continues its transformation into a brigade-centric force, enabled by modern mission command systems and networks, and fully integrated into the JIIM environment, the people of MTSI remain committed to stand by our men and women in uniform, to support them, and the Army, across the tactical, operational and strategic continuum. In doing so, MTSI will continue to leverage its world-class expertise, quality processes, and leading-edge technology to help the Army and its leaders adapt to the emerging challenges of the 21st century battlefield, and to defend the Nation from the evolving threats to our homeland from those who would do us harm.

MTSI is proud to be a valued and trusted part of the Army team and is privileged to serve and honor our soldiers, our wounded warriors, and their families as they defend freedom and preserve peace around the globe.