Wendel Takenaka

Senior Test Engineer

Wendel Takenaka has over 10 years with MTSI as a senior program manager and an air and space test director in our Las Vegas, Nevada, and Colorado Springs, Colorado, offices. Wendel currently leads a team of professionals directing the developmental test of numerous sensitive space projects employing advanced network-based and space-based technologies for Air Force Space Command. While in Las Vegas, Wendel served as the test director for numerous ground and flight tests of electronic warfare systems for various Special Operations aircraft. His activities involved planning, executing, and conducting data analysis across three separate test ranges.

Prior to joining MTSI, Wendel served our country as an Air Force electronic warfare officer with operational fighter assignments both stateside and overseas. He served as both a flight instructor and standardization evaluation flight examiner and led critical missions in Operation Desert Storm. Wendel gained invaluable space ops experience as a joint exercise planner for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Air Force Space Command. He concluded his Air Force career at Nellis AFB, Nevada, bringing realistic, threat-representative space and information operations capabilities to the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Wendel uses his bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of Southern California and his master’s degree in management from the University of Phoenix to develop and field innovative, leading edge, space and cyber capabilities for tomorrow’s warfighters.