MTSI in the Community

Giving back

MTSI’s commitment to excellence extends beyond our customer-driven requirements. We place great emphasis on giving back to our local communities and the nation. Our pledge to “Social Responsibility” is well-defined in the company’s core values and demonstrated in both our financial commitment and our employee’s personal actions. As a guiding principle, MTSI donates one percent of corporate profits on an annual basis and actively supports numerous community partners through various volunteer activities.

Below are a few of MTSI’s key community partnerships:

Fisher House

   MTSI has given significant support to Fisher House Foundation, a private-public partnership that supports America’s military in their time of need. The program recognizes the special sacrifices of the men and women in uniform and the hardships of military service by meeting a humanitarian need beyond what is normally provided by the Department of Defense and Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

   Fisher House Foundation is best known for providing a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. These homes are located at major military and Veteran’s Administration medical centers nationwide. In 2014, MTSI made a $25,000 cash donation to support this amazing cause.


(Alexandria, VA)
New Hope Housing

   New Hope Housing is a Northern Virginia-based non-profit committed to finding creative and lasting solutions to end the cycle of homelessness by offering homeless men, women, and children the services they need to change their lives and succeed. MTSI has been a supporter of New Hope for over 20 years through financial contributions and dedicated service on the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. MTSI employees and their families have supported numerous fundraising activities including the “Walk for the Homeless” in Washington DC, the “Adopt a Family” program, sponsorship of the annual gala, and work at New Hope’s facilities.

   In 2007, MTSI was presented with the Good Neighbor Award by New Hope for the contributions made in money and time to the organization. MTSI is proud of the partnership with New Hope Housing in helping the homeless in our community.


(Huntsville, AL)
Southeastern Diabetes Education Services Image

   Southeastern Diabetes Education Services (SDES) encourages, educates, and empowers children with diabetes and their families to live well with diabetes. Their Living Well Programs include Camp Seale Harris, Sugar Falls Day Camps and Camp community programs. According to SDES, camp is a place where having diabetes is the norm, where you can compare and share stories with peers, and where you don’t have to explain diabetes all the time because everyone there “gets it.” Kids and teens learn independence in managing blood sugar and medication, making healthy food choices, and being physically active.

   Camps include fun activities that vary by location and community programs include family-oriented recreation and networking throughout the year. MTSI-Huntsville is a prod sponsor and their donations have helped provide for 35 children in northern Alabama to attend the Sugar Falls Day Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.


(Dayton, OH)
United Rehabilitation Services Image

   United Rehabilitation Services (URS) is a large Dayton, OH-based, non-profit agency providing a full continuum of care to nearly 3,000 infants, children, adults and seniors annually. URS focuses on providing care and support to the most vulnerable individuals in the Southwestern Ohio region. URS provides specialized therapies, which include pediatric aquatic therapy and the Universal Exercise Unit (spider cage), a new, proven physical and occupational therapy modality.

   Other specialties provided are therapeutic listening for children with autism, customized wheelchair and equipment fitting, Vital Stim swallowing therapy, LiteGait trainer and augmentative communication. URS is the only facility in the entire Southwestern Ohio region to provide daycare to even the most severely impaired, no matter the client’s age. The MTSI Dayton, OH, office has supported URS with an annual donation for five years running.


(Las Vegas, NV)

The diagnosis and identification of autism is at an all-time high—affecting an estimated 1.5 million Americans or 1 in 81 births. Estimates are that the prevalence of autism could reach 4 million Americans in the next decade. There is an acute shortage of high-quality, comprehensive services and programs for people affected by the disease. Peoples Autism Foundation strives to make certain that all children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities live rich and meaningful lives in their communities, develop the capacity to earn a living wage, and live independently in the least restrictive environment possible.

   The Foundation’s annual Fat Boy Open golf outing provides private and corporate support for their early detection screenings and pediatric respite programs, which focus not only on the child with autism but also the family by providing respite support and care through counseling, clothing, child care, diagnostic referrals, and community resources. MTSI-Nevada has been a corporate sponsor of this event for the past five years.


(Colorado Springs, CO)
Care and Share Image

   For the 2013 holiday season food drive, MTSI coworkers in the Colorado Springs office collected and donated 645 pounds of food to the Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado. In addition, MTSI presented a cash donation of $500 to Care and Share as our dollar-for-pound matching challenge.

   The Colorado Springs staff’s generosity well-exceeded the office’s goal of 500 pounds — the staff came through with 645 pounds. The 2013 donation of 645 pounds more than tripled MTSI-Colorado Springs’ 2012 donation of 175 pounds.


(Niceville, FL)

   Veteran Outdoors’ mission is to honor our country’s wounded veterans’ patriotism and their sacrifice by providing quality hunting, fishing, and outdoor related activities. VO’s goal is to raise public awareness about the therapeutic effects that being in the outdoors has on the mental and physical wellbeing of our country’s wounded men and women. They also provide a platform for veterans to tell their own stories in their own words. MTSI’s Niceville, FL, office has supported VO for a number of years.


(Dayton, OH)
Building Bridges Image

   Building Bridges is a multi-faceted program working year round with at-risk youths from disadvantaged surroundings, single-parent homes, and homeless situations. Work therapy is the foundation of the program. Building Bridges involves young people in everything from preparing and serving meals at a homeless shelter, training and walking dogs at the animal shelter, and visiting the elderly and mentally challenged.

   A Group Home for Boys provides a safe place for boys 16 – 18 years-of-age, previously thought to be unsalvageable, to begin taking steps towards a new start in life. Building Bridges also runs the Adopt-A-Kid for Christmas program. Each year for the past six years, the MTSI Dayton, OH, office has supported this program. Two hundred youths are provided gifts worth no more than $50 during the Christmas season.

   MTSI-Dayton sponsored 54 children in 2013 with a donation from the Charitable Giving Committee and matching funds donated by individual office members. In addition to financial contributions, Dayton office members shop for and then gift wrap all of the purchases. These gifts represent the only Christmas any of the children will receive.


(Fairfax County, VA)
Coats for Kids

   Coats for Kids, which started with Captain Willie Bailey and the Fairfax County firefighters , is now a nationwide movement organized by Operation Warm. MTSI has donated funds and employees have volunteered to help distribute winter coats for children in need for the past several years. Captain Willie Bailey along with Fairfax and Alexandria firefighters, in partnership with Operation Warm, provided over 3,000 new winter coats for kids in the Fairfax and Alexandria, VA, area in 2013.



   Each November, each MTSI office across the country selects a local organization to receive food donations. Through the generous donations of the MTSI employees at each location the annual food drive has resulted in over 1,000 pounds of food donated to people in need.