Air National Guard Test Support Services for the AATC

Supporting the Air National Guard

national-guardMTSI provides technical, program management, subject matter expertise, and systems integration support services to the Air National Guard (ANG) Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Test Center (AATC) at locations throughout the United States. This support enables AATC to accomplish its assigned responsibilities in enhancing the war fighting capability for ANG, AFRC, and the United States Air Force. MTSI provides test planning, test conduct, data analyses, test reporting, test logistics and programmatic studies/analysis.

These tasks are in support of electronic warfare flight test programs, sensors directorate flight test programs, multi-year aircraft development programs (performance, flying qualities and systems integration/evaluation), data link test programs, advanced/special programs developmental support, and daily data link test range management activities. These activities include F-16C+ Operational Flight Program (OFP) testing (back-to-back) 2-year ongoing test programs, A-10C OFP and other A-10 test programs, and F-15 Operational Test support at Jacksonville ANGB. MTSI’s totally integrated support activities enable AATC to successfully field new combat capabilities to the warfighter in minimum time while providing maximum cost benefit, embodying the AATC model of “80% of the capability at 20% of the cost”. MTSI’s staff is fully vested AATC’s motto “it doesn’t count until they’re flying it in the field”.