Simulation and Analysis Facility (SIMAF)

MTSI is helping to refine and shape current and future capabilities at the Simulation and Analysis Facility (SIMAF), Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Simulation and Analysis Division (AFLCMC/XZS) on Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, as a prime contractor on the Capabilities Development and Integration Services (CDIS) contract. MTSI’s team plays an integral role in the modeling, simulation, and analysis of the airborne sense and avoid (ABSAA) concept for both the Air Force’s Common-ABSAA (C-ABSAA) and the Navy’s Triton ABSAA program. MTSI’s efforts are helping to enable the capability to operate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) safely within national, international, offshore, and oceanic airspace systems.

MTSI’s approach to these programs covers the breadth of model implementation and execution support, modeling and simulation (M&S) collaboration support, and test collaboration support. As part of our approach, MTSI applies rigid systems engineering processes in the refinement of system/subsystem models to support analysis needs and Airworthiness Certification. These system engineering processes also encourage the dynamic implementation of additional capabilities into the model environment to support studies. All of this is conducted while integrating verification and validation activities throughout studies and coordinating accreditation with the Services along the way. MTSI also identifies areas for integrating M&S to support test activities in support of future acquisition decisions.

Through SIMAF, MTSI also supports the B-2 Program Office with the development and refinement of current and future capabilities.

In support of SIMAF, MTSI is a key enabler of capabilities analyses and integration across the acquisition life cycle. This puts MTSI customers at the forefront of decision making effectiveness to increase Air Force and joint mission capability, accelerate acquisitions, mitigate overall risk, and reduce system development and total operation costs.