Dale Moore

Dale Moore is the Vice President of Business Development and Colorado Springs office site lead. Dale is responsible for providing leadership and integration of the full life cycle business development function across the company. Prior to being named VP, he served as the Modeling & Simulation Business Unit lead, as well as the lead for Business Development for the Army & Missile Defense Division.

Dale has a proven record of exceptional systems engineering and program management support to government programs across the defense sector including the Missile Defense Agency, U.S. Army, and NASA. Dale is an established leader in modeling and simulation engineering capabilities for the Missile Defense Agency and currently operates as the task order lead for the MiDAESS ESCG Group 3 M&S engineering task order where he manages the M&S engineering contractor team and provides critical systems engineering support to the MDA M&S mission. Additionally, Dale has a 16-year record of success in supporting modeling and simulation technology development and integration, test and evaluation, systems integration, and strategic planning for multiple government programs including the ground-based midcourse defense system and the U.S. Army Future Combat Systems.

Dale earned a B.S. degree in chemistry from Virginia Military Institute, a master’s degree in systems engineering from University of Alabama, Huntsville.