Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson is president and CEO of MTSI and has served as a member of the MTSI Board of Directors since 2004. Kevin’s focus on strategy, leadership, innovation, and the customer has resulted in aggressive growth for this innovative, technology-focused, employee-owned company.

Joining the company in 1997 as employee number eight, he was instrumental in shaping and developing the current $200M plus business. Prior to his role as president and CEO, Kevin served as Vice President of Strategic Development. In this role, he was the driving force in nearly tripling the size of the company from 2008 to 2013 by ensuring the development of differentiated capabilities across the company’s core service lines and creating an integrated pursuit and capture system for new business. His ability to drive dynamic growth was quickly apparent in his first position with the company, where he founded and grew one of the company’s most significant business units delivering acquisition and technology services to multiple customers focused on national defense. Kevin has won numerous awards for exceptional customer service in engineering and test leadership roles including being the first recipient of the Missile Defense Agency ‘Contractor of the Year’ award in 2004.

Before joining MTSI, Kevin worked at GRCI (now AT&T) for 10 years where he had a significant role in leading requirements development, analysis, and designs for advanced unmanned vehicles, sensors, fire control, directed energy weapons, and lightweight kinetic interceptor capabilities. Kevin is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in aeronautical engineering.