Russ Wolfe

In his role as chief engineer, Russ Wolfe is responsible for capability development and innovation across MTSI. He has instantiated multiple capability-based communities of practice across the company to facilitate the sharing of best practices, lessons learned, and subject matter expertise to streamline product development and execution. In this role, Russ also oversees the company’s innovation program, which solicits, rapidly evaluates, and funds solutions to critical customer needs from internal and external sources.

Russ joined MTSI in 2000 as a project engineer and applied his systems engineering and sensor expertise to multiple satellite and sensor development projects for the Missile Defense Agency. In 2001, he became MTSI’s unmanned aircraft system (UAS) business area lead and successfully grew this new business area by winning multiple UAS airspace integration projects supporting NASA, DoD, DARPA, DHS, USCG, and the FAA. In 2009, Russ was selected to manage the company’s Acquisition and Technology Group, overseeing a team of approximately 70 analysts, engineers, scientists, and operators working on various technically challenging problems of national importance. He and his team provided project management, acquisition, systems engineering, requirements analysis, airworthiness, safety analysis, modeling and simulation, and flight test support services to a variety of government and industry clients.

Russ has a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Grove City College and a master of science degree in systems engineering management from George Mason University.