Tom McMahan

Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors for over 20 years, Tom McMahan served as co-president of MTSI responsible for the overall technical, financial and business management, and strategic planning for the corporation from 1993 until 2013. Tom was the lead in developing the company’s foundation of exceptional customer service and high ethical standards, establishing MTSI as a highly respected company in the industry. In addition, Tom supported a number of government and industry clients with operational analyses of modern low observable and counter low observable weapon systems, red teaming of proposals, and analysis of technology investment plans.

Tom has over 40 years of experience in aerospace government and industry with specialized expertise in low observable and counter low observable technology and electronic counter measures. A graduate of University of Missouri-Rolla, he has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in engineering management. Tom served 25 years in the Air Force in various acquisition and leadership roles. When he retired in 1993 as a colonel, Tom had oversight responsibility for all Air Force special access programs and was a primary advisor to the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff regarding special technology programs with emphasis on stealth and counter stealth technology, development, and operational utilization. He is an acknowledged, national-level expert in mission-level modeling and simulation of advanced aeronautical and defense systems, and serves on numerous senior advisory boards for both government and industry.