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Aviation Services
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Aviation Services
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Aviation Services
MTSI Testing & Evaluation
  1. Over 20 years of providing highly specialized Test & Evaluation expertise to multiple government customers
  2. Over 40 Test Pilot School graduates
  3. Over 70 Defense Acquisition University Program Management course graduates
  4. Our Aircrew have Over 35 Combined Years of Experience in Developmental Flight Test
  5. We have the Ability to Source and Utilize Additional Aircraft to Meet Specific Test Support Requirements
  6. Demonstrated versatility and capabilities in a variety of support missions at the Air Force Test Center
The increased demand for flight test, coupled with the recognized need to involve Developmental Test (DT) professionals earlier in the acquisition cycle, drives a high ops tempo for DT aircrew. The problem has been exacerbated over the last several years by a decrease in the total number of support fleet aircraft available to the military and the nation-wide pilot shortage which has depleted the DT pilot cadre. While the need for more aircraft, aircrew and maintainers to meet test requirements is clear, the reality is that organic military test support fleets are more likely to get smaller in the future.

The solution lies in utilizing contractor aircraft and aircrew for routine chase, target and photo support enabling more effective use of DT assets and personnel while providing significant cost savings and value to the taxpayer.

The team of experienced flight test professionals from MTSI and Gauntlet Aerospace provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive military support aircraft. By accessing and operating a diverse fleet of reliable, low-cost aircraft, we can easily meets test requirements ranging from low-speed photo missions, through benign long-duration safety chase, up to high-G uncooperative target missions.