ExecutiveBiz Spotlight: David Messina

ExecutiveBiz recently held a conversation with David Messina, Executive Vice President, National Security. The Q&A highlights nearly 30 years of company growth, federal sector cybersecurity challenges, and employee ownership.

Below is a highlight from the conversation. Click here for the full interview.

“Following the success of your recent quarterly results, what were the key factors that led to the company-wide performance and how will you continue to work to capitalize on that success moving forward?”


We are not a publicly traded company, so we do not report our quarterly earnings, but we do report them to our employees. Our 1600 employees are the shareholders. In fact, we hold multiple in-person meetings a year where we report financial results of the company and our strategy. I think one of the fundamental factors to our success is that the employee owners and our core values really enable our programs to perform in an excellent way, and our customers have come to expect that.

We also attract and retain some really great talent. Sometimes I call this meeting the customer’s unique requirements, like ‘finding the purple unicorn,’ because some of the requirements for skills and expertise are very unique to some of these programs. We have a great internal recruiting team nationwide that does our staffing at every location. We are opening up a new office in San Diego right now, and during the last four weeks I think we have hired 11 or 12 people just for that new contract.

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