Get to Know: Brian Easly

What brought you to MTSI originally?

I was working in Colorado back in 2010 with a MTSI employee who basically sold me on the company in the first couple minutes after talking about the culture, the benefits, and the growth potential.  There were no opportunities back then in Colorado, so I kind of shelved the idea while my company brought me to Huntsville during the next BRAC.  The large company I was working for didn’t have much interaction with MTSI here in Huntsville, so I didn’t have any connections for a couple years. Then a coworker of mine, who was leaving for MTSI, gave my name to Chester Rowe.  Chester gave me a call and we discussed what I had heard about the company. He verified all those good thing, and told me about the position. I jumped at the chance to finally get onboard.

What brought you back to MTSI?

It’s cliche, but the grass isn’t always greener.  When I came to MTSI the first time from a large contractor and typical “cog in the machine” feelings.  I was interested in how different MTSI was in comparison. For example: within the first couple of weeks, I even got a call from Kevin Robinson to see how everything was going.

After a while I thought that an even smaller company might be better. It turns out that they kind of live contract to contract. There was always a worry that you won’t have a charge number the next week, something I luckily didn’t have to worry about with MTSI. The regret for leaving was strong.  When my contract was up, I gave Chester a call and fortuitously he had something available.

Have you noticed any changes since re-joining MTSI?

There are a lot more people of course.  And that ESOP value is pretty nice for sure (talk about regrets!).  Other than that, I am back with my old group in my old office at 5400, so I don’t get a ton of interaction with the greater MTSI crowd to see the differences.

What would you say stands out to you the most at MTSI compared to other competitors?

There are a lot to choose from, but if I had to pick only one it would be all the benefits. MTSI has still got all the things that I missed while I was working elsewhere.

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