Get to Know: Chuck Gerak

What brought you to MTSI?
MTSI’s reputation of putting their employees first meant an opportunity to work alongside some of the best and brightest in the industry. By investing in employees’ personal and professional growth, it was clear that MTSI had successfully cultivated a culture that encouraged their employees to further their skills for the betterment of our customers, mission partners, and employees alike. Additionally, being part of a 100% employee-owned business has numerous benefits that are simply unattainable at other companies. The excitement around MTSI and our mission partners in Dayton is contagious – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of this team and continue to serve our customers at WPAFB and across the DoD!

What does MTSI being 100% employee-owned mean to you?
Working at a 100% employee-owned company has a significant impact on almost all aspects of work life. One of the main benefits I’ve already noticed, is that it fosters a greater sense of ownership and pride in one’s work, as all employees are owners of the company. In addition, 100% employee-owned companies often have lower turnover rates since there is a greater sense of job security knowing we all have a stake in the company’s success. This leads to a more stable work environment and a stronger sense of community among colleagues. Not to mention the financial incentives, such as MTSI’s ESOP, which provides a direct individual stake in the company’s financial performance.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?
The Dayton area is a great place to raise a family! My wife Cara and I enjoy being involved with our daughter and son’s many sports activities. Through these programs we have been lucky to build lasting friendships. Also, whether it’s catching a Dayton Dragons game or enjoying the local dining and brewery options offered in the region, there is always something to do. Warped Wing, Loose Ends, and Lock 27 are some of our go-to establishments in the area.

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