Get to Know: Dayton’s Andy Norton

Get to Know: Dayton’s Andy Norton

July 7, 2022

What is your current role with MTSI?

I am a Program Director in the National Security Division, Air & Space Technology Business Unit.

What Brought You to MTSI?

Simply put – the employees. Through the years, every opportunity to work with a MTSI employee was a positive experience. Each had been with the company for over ten years and seemed genuinely passionate about their work – highly analytical, calm, and professional. I admired their expertise. Then I started to notice MTSI’s recognition through the Dayton community – specifically, the Best Place to Work awards. I noticed MTSI’s strong partnerships in the intelligence community and everyone seemed to echo the excitement surrounding this team in Dayton. It was an easy decision!

To you, what is so important about MTSI being employee owned?

An alignment of employee interests and company goals. Employee-owners tend to think long-term. They understand how important it is to define and sustain a culture of teamwork, and each MTSI employee has a direct role in shaping the future of our company. Employee-owned companies are known to have very low turnover, which leads to a highly cooperative workforce willing to go above and beyond to make the organization successful.

Why should military veterans choose to work in the Dayton area?

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a national asset with a unique history spanning from the dawn of flight to space. It is also the largest single-site employer in the state of Ohio. Nearly 20% of Beavercreek’s residents (as an example) are veterans. In fact, Beavercreek recently received a recognition as a top place for veterans to live from a survey of over 1,300 cities across the nation. There is an enormous number of opportunities to translate military experience into success within the private sector, and veterans’ service programs are in close proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Coupled with Dayton’s rich history of innovation, entrepreneurism, and love of flight, I think every veteran should highly consider the Dayton area to raise a family and grow in their career.

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