Get to Know: Hector Cervantes

What brought you to MTSI?

I fortunately worked with several people at MTSI on other projects for many years. Even though I was happy at my former employer, they knew that MTSI would be a great fit for me. I’m glad I listened to them. My current work is like what I did before, but I now have more impact on what I am doing. I learn new skills, hone others, and truly see good career progress for years to come. I’m so happy to have made the move here!

Can you share a little about your professional background and journey that led you to this role?

My professional journey began with aspirations to be an architect. While in school for architecture, I interned at the City of Phoenix drawing water and sewer maps. In 1993, the city hired ESRI to build GIS apps for them. I then fell in love with coding. My love for GIS took me down the path of software development. I earned a BS in Information Systems and later an MBA. I enjoy learning new technology and always take courses on LinkedIn Learning, Packt Publishing, or other similar learning sites.

What’s a skill or hobby you have outside of work that your colleagues might not know about?

I wanted to be an architect because I love building things. I enjoy remodeling, new construction, and landscaping. My friends taught me a lot about electrical and plumbing. I put these skills to good use when a friend lost his house to fire during summer storms in Lebanon, OH in 2018. A group of us helped rebuild his house anew. I also love playing guitar. Although I don’t play very well, it helps reduce stress and relax after a tough day. I play all types of music from Mexican songs to The Eagles.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career, and how has it influenced you?

Never stop learning. If you want to learn something once and never learn anything again, you should become a dentist because the mouth doesn’t evolve. Just kidding! I’m sure dentists are always learning new techniques! However, in technology, everything becomes obsolete very quickly. That is why I like learning new things.

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