Get to Know: Joseph Gibson

Get to Know: Joseph Gibson

What brought you to MTSI?

During my transition from a 24-year Active-Duty Air Force career, I looked at a variety of options as to what my future may look like. After deciding on the DoD Skill Bridge Program to aide in my transition, I looked for reputable companies in the Dayton area that would be the right fit. As I dug in and researched various companies, MTSI quickly rose to the top of my list. I proceeded to reach out to the local recruiter to inquire if MTSI had a Skill Bridge program and discovered that they did. I connected with Leslie Toller the lead recruiter for the MTSI Skill Bridge program. After a few conversations about what I was looking for, and various opportunities within MTSI, I was offered the opportunity to Skill Bridge with MTSI. Upon completion of the program, I was blessed to be offered a full-time position with MTSI and the rest is history. The entire experience was great and truly prepared me for a successful transition from active duty. This past year has been wonderful, and MTSI continues to create an environment where the employees are their most valued assets.

What makes MTSI a great place to work?

Simply put, the people! MTSI has been an amazing landing spot following my active-duty career. Their priority of standing true to their Core Values and the embodiment of those values across the company make MTSI a great place to work. The corporate leaderships’ transparency and communication to our local Dayton leadership truly provides a conducive environment of teamwork and professionalism. The continued effort to promote growth opportunities to their employees is yet another reason MTSI is a great place to work. Not to mention MTSI is a 100% employee-owned business, so from day one you carry a sense of pride and ownership with you.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family. We are very much an active family, enjoy spending time in our local CrossFit gym, and filling any of our spare time doing various outdoor activities. We also serve our community through our local church and helping those in need.


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