Get to Know MTSI Women Leader: Anna Avetisyan


Get to Know: Anna Avetisyan

 What brought you to MTSI?

There were several key factors that resonated deeply with my professional aspirations and personal values. First and foremost, it was MTSI core values and culture that strongly aligned with my own. Additionally, being an enduring 100% employee-owned organization caught my attention. Furthermore, the opportunity to work with a talented leadership team who are passionate about making a positive impact and truly care about their employees was incredibly appealing to me. Finally, the specific roles and responsibilities offered by MTSI seemed like a perfect fit for my skills, experience, and career goals.

What initiatives or programs do you believe are crucial for fostering the next generation of women leaders in the company?

I believe the WLNF (Women’s Leadership & Networking Forum), Mentor Program, DE&I are a few crucial initiatives for fostering the next generation of women leaders. In addition, MTSI offers many internal and external training opportunities that can help shape the career development of women leaders. Networking events andtown hall meetings are additional ways to bring women leaders within MTSI and allow them to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and provide visibility and recognition for women’s achievements.

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to leadership roles within the company or in their careers in general?

My advice to other women aspiring to take leadership roles is the following:

  • Own your career and believe in yourself: Have confidence in your abilities and let your supervisor know that you are willing to take additional responsibilities for career advancement.
  • Set IDP (Individual Development Plan): Define your short-term and long-term career goals and focus on your development. Regularly assess your progress.
  • Be authentic: Stay true to yourself and your values in pursuit of leadership roles. The leadership journey is full of surprises and challenges, be prepared.
  • Always learn: Stay open-minded and offer your help to others by learning and improving throughout your career.



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