Get to Know MTSI Women Leader: Lisa Keyes

Get to Know: Lisa Keyes

What brought you to MTSI?

I was fortunate to be offered a position at MTSI where I felt I could really make a difference. I spent time professionally at both large and small government contracting organizations and felt my knowledge implementing new systems and processes is in line with MTSI’s mission as the company continues to grow. I have a friend that worked here since his military retirement and spoke highly of the company, its core values, and culture. After speaking to many coworkers during the interview process, I knew it was the right place for me!

What initiatives or programs do you believe are crucial for fostering the next generation of women leaders in the company?

I think the Women’s Leadership Forum and the Mentoring program are both crucial initiatives for fostering the next generation of women leaders. I’ve participated in mentorship programs both as a mentor and mentee over my career. I found that to be a great opportunity to learn directly from someone who has been there before me. The experiences they shared with me are invaluable for my professional and personal growth. Serving as a mentor allows me to pass it forward. Seeing the growth and promotions of those I mentored over the years is extremely gratifying. The Women’s Leadership and Network Forum is a wonderful community to network with other women in MTSI on professional and personal topics. It’s so important to have that network and feel support. So many times, as women leaders, we are either the only female in the room or in a very small minority. We need to be there to build each other up any way we can.

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to leadership roles within the company or in their careers in general?

Be willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Whether that is through additional responsibility, a new role or new skill, be confident in your abilities and remember every opportunity is a learning experience. Even if you fail miserably, which all of us have, continue to learn, grow, and laugh along the way. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As women, we try to be all things to all people all the time. We need to do a better job of asking for help, forgiving ourselves and others for not being invincible.

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