Get to Know: Nick Cote

What brought you to MTSI originally?
I was intrigued by both the work and the company. The team was performing exciting, cutting-edge work for a highly engaged customer, and the core values and company recruitment pitch were wildly different from any other company in my experience.

What brought you back to MTSI?
I came back for the same reasons that brought me to MTSI originally. I left to relocate to an area in which MTSI was not operating at the time, but I continued to keep an eye out for relevant MTSI opportunities. I’m happy to be back at MTSI and thrilled to work for a customer on the forefront of space-based optical communications technologies.

Have you noticed any changes since re-joining MTSI?
Despite a 4-year gap working elsewhere and now working under a different contract, I’ve been relieved to find that MTSI has changed very little in terms of culture and values. The biggest change I’ve seen is in the expense reporting process, but I can live with that.

What would you say stands out to you the most at MTSI compared to other competitors?
Aside from the obvious difference in employee focus, MTSI seems to be much more particular about the types of contracts it pursues and the businesses it builds compared to larger organizations that might have a wider variety of types of work and projects. I think this has a lot to do with why the culture hasn’t appeared to change in the years I’ve been elsewhere. MTSI has demonstrated the resiliency to retain its values without compromising them for the sake of contract volume.

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