Get to Know: WLNF’s Jasmine Neal

Get to Know: WLNF’s Jasmine Neal

July 13, 2022

(from left to right):  Wendel Takenaka, Chuck Horton, Sherri Payne, Patrick Hedgcoth, Jasmine Neal, C.J. Stevenson, Rick Dockham, Brandon Griffith, Bob Nickles, Joe Simons, Renee Bureau, Mark Mason, Nathan Hernandez, Ezra Moreland

Getting to Know MTSI’s Women’s Leadership and Networking Forum (WLNF) Leaders

Over the next few months, WLNF leaders give insight about their MTSI jobs and Women’s Leadership and Networking Forum (WLNF) impact. 

What is your role with MTSI?

My name is Jasmine Neal and I am a Cybersecurity engineer and a U.S. Navy veteran. 

What was your path from the Navy to MTSI?

After departing the Navy, I started an information technology (IT) job with a DoD Contractor. It naturally led into Cybersecurity as those activities began to emerge in the IT field. I have now been with MTSI for four and half years. In that time, I worked as a Cybersecurity engineer both for the company (in small capacity roles as needed) and for the Rapid Reaction Branch (RRB) (our government customer at the customer site) in Colorado Springs. 

Is there anything specific from your Navy experience that shaped your approach as a cybersecurity engineer today?

Yes, I was a Cryptologic Maintenance Technician (CTM) in the Navy which was a perfect mix of hands on maintenance on the system specific equipment and required knowledge of cryptology. Out of boot camp, I went to Pensacola FL for a nine-month Electronic Warfare (EW) training and then to Maine for a six-month system specific maintenance training. I think doing that as my first “real” job out of high school led me right into the IT field when I departed active duty. It gave me the beginning skills for cybersecurity before cybersecurity was even a thing!

What is the RRB involved with?

The RRB develops, tests, and fields ground-based Space Electronic Warfare (EW) Quick Reaction Capabilities (QRCs) in response to new requirements from the Combatant Commanders. We deployed capabilities for operations in CENTCOM, INDOPACOM, and most recently EUCOM. It is an exciting place to work and as you can imagine, challenging to support a unity such as that for items like ATO (approval to operate) packages! 

When did you first get involved with MTSI’s WLNF?

I started as an MTSI WLNF leader in 2020. Needless to say, due to virtual environments of the pandemic, it was a challenging time for collaboration and getting teams together! 

What has WLNF helped you with?

Being a WLNF leader has really helped me feel connected to MTSI while working at a Government Facility. It put me in touch with other MTSI women professionals I would never have known otherwise.  At the time this picture was taken, only three MTSI RRB team members were women! 

I really enjoy, not only the work I do for both the RRB and for MTSI, but being a part of WLNF, spending time discussing what our plans are for the following months and participating in local events to support the community!

Do any specific WLNF events or activities stand out as particularly helpful and that you would recommend for current members or those interested?

Joining a WLNF circle is probably the best way to get involved with WLNF. These circles vary from professional help to fun outings and put you right in the middle of what WLNF is really about.

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