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MTSI hypersonics
  1. Over 15 years of developing High fidelity models of Hypersonics systems
  2. From aerodynamics and stability, to aerothermal heating, trajectory modeling, sensor analysis, and quantification of endgame lethality performance, which emissions, communications, and active sensors operations for both offensive and defensive systems.
  3. Understand the environmental challenges that hypersonic vehicles face, as well as the technologies needed to effectively overcome these challenges.
  4. Leverage long standing support to MDA for development of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS)
  5. Leverage long standing support to OSD and the services on development of offensive systems
  6. Development of a pedigreed suite of high-fidelity M&S tools that are uniquely suited to provide critical elements of the hypersonic threat kill chain.
MTSI possesses an unique understanding and capability to fuse both the offensive and defensive side of hypersonics. Our offensive hypersonic weapons depth includes our role as the Lethality lead developer for Navy IR-CPS, our extensive experience and insights with DARPA TBG and HAWC programs. Our lethality code, BALAGAN, is currently undergoing accreditation for Navy IR-CPS and Army LRHW. Our defensive hypersonics expertise stems from our teams and labs that bring a long history and ongoing support to MDA for high fidelity threat assessments including infrared signature measurement and M&S involving the Optical Signatures Code (OSC), engagement modeling using our G6DOF capability, and engagement lethality using our suite of validated and widely used tool, KWEval and BALAGAN.

MTSI provides a common source of high fidelity offensive/defensive hypersonic system level data to these M&S capabilities by utilizing our Hypersonic Rapid Analysis and Design System (HyperRADS). HyperRADS provides very high-fidelity simulations of precise hypersonic vehicle geometries flying trajectories through the atmosphere or a test facility. We have federated our large suite of sensor, trajectory, lethality, and flight dynamics tools to support the MDA HD and OSD and service hypersonics missions. This federation provides an end-to-end kill chain assessment capability that can be used to quantify overall effects of hypersonic system flight dynamics, from pristine flow, to aerodynamic instability and heating associated with damage from kinetic and non-kinetic engagements. This is a critical feature in the MDA HD mission.

The MTSI tool suite, including the federated system, provides a world-class capability critical to mission planning and assessment for current and future offensive and defensive systems.