Modular Integrated Tracking System Selected by Booz Allen Hamilton to Deliver Innovative Ground Tracking Capabilities

Modular Integrated Tracking System Selected by Booz Allen Hamilton to Deliver Innovative Ground Tracking Capabilities

June 29, 2020

MITS is a scalable, reliable, low cost, tracking system that creates a mesh network to provide accurate location tracking with minimal pre-existing infrastructure.

Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI) is proud to announce our selection by Booz Allen Hamilton to deliver innovative Ground Tracking capabilities to the Air Force Special Operations Command’s Melrose Range Operations Control Center (MROCC) Common Operating Picture (COP).

MTSI is providing the Modular Integrated Tracking System (MITS), an-off-the-shelf dynamically configurable, scalable, low-cost meshed system of miniature light weight transponders, tracking algorithms and displays providing highly scalable, reliable, and accurate location and related entity information.  MITS’ unique design requires minimal infrastructure, eliminates the need for all trackers to have line of sight to the base station, and automatically provides highly accurate and low-latency position, velocity, system status, and related information for manned and unmanned systems.  MITS displays all personnel and vehicle locations in real time on a dynamic map, and when coupled with Booz Allen’s aircraft tracking and COP display, provides a comprehensive common operating picture.  In addition, MITS data services provide all entity information in standard DIS-PDU format, for integration into live, virtual, and constructive simulations. MITS operates for 48 hours before recharging, or continuously from external power.

David Langford Chief Engineer of the MITS program said, “MITS provides users the capability to collect and display highly accurate and reliable position and status for all personnel and vehicles on the network.  Because it requires minimal infrastructure, MITS is especially suitable for austere locations, including test ranges or ranges with limited or no instrumentation. We’ve demonstrated direct unit-to-unit communication of over 20 miles, and with the mesh network capability, data collection and transmission over hundreds of miles is possible. We also designed MITS to operate on existing LTE networks if a customer needs that capability”.

Tim King, MTSI Executive Vice President said, “MTSI is excited to be part of the Booz Allen team, and provide MITS as part of their comprehensive Common Operating Picture solution.  MITS provides a tailorable off the shelf capability to track and display commercial and military systems, vehicles, and personnel, on test and training ranges.  MITS offers great promise in any application requiring accurate real-time tracking and situational awareness of large number systems.”

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