MTSI Announces Artificial Intelligence Analysis in Support of Army Aviation

MTSI Announces Artificial Intelligence Analysis in Support of Army Aviation

May 9, 2019


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI) has been selected by the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center, Aviation Engineering Directorate to conduct analyses of emerging artificial intelligence technologies and capabilities and assess their potential application to Army aviation.  Under this effort, MTSI will; identify, characterize and propose a taxonomy for current and emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies, document the approaches utilized by the various forms of AI (e.g. Bayesian Network, Genetic Algorithm, Hidden Markov Model, etc.), identify and document the generalized applications of AI (e.g. Expert systems, Automatic target acquisition, intelligent control, etc.), and postulate the potential generalized applications into Army aviation systems utilizing the Advanced Teaming Tactical Concept of Operations.

Tim King, MTSI Executive Vice President, has this to say about the company’s new project, “The value of artificial intelligence is the capability it brings to the Warfighter.  MTSI is excited to apply our expertise in all aspects of artificial intelligence to help Army aviation prepare to apply this powerful new technology.”

According to Dr. Willie Maddox, Manager of MTSI Huntsville’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and AI subject matter expert, “there are a broad range of technologies classified under the general heading of artificial intelligence. While many taxonomies exist, for this analysis, we will be defining Artificial Intelligence to include machine learning, natural language processing, expert systems, vison systems, hearing systems, etc. and each of these sub levels can be further decomposed”.

Ben Etheredge, MTSI machine learning subject matter expert added, “It is well understood that multiple interrelated subcategories exist within each category. We will define these and work closely with our AED customer to assess how they might be applied to future aviation systems in multi-domain operations.”

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