New Hire Q&A: Ariel Bendorf, Marketing & Communications Specialist

New Hire Q&A: Ariel Bendorf, Marketing & Communications Specialist

May 12, 2020

Q: When did you start with MTSI?

A: I started in early March and only had exactly 5 days in the Alexandria office! I have been working remotely ever since. My role is to facilitate industry-specific events and tradeshows, corporate memberships, and awards and uphold the MTSI brand across various channels such as social media and the website by working with the marketing communications team on content creation.


Q: Do you feel connected to the company even while remote?

A: I do! I have been very impressed with the steps MTSI is taking to keep employees safe and informed during these uncertain times. The weekly emails on new developments, COVID-19 guidelines, and our resource center have really helped me to feel more connected.


Q:  How have you stayed connected with coworkers?

A: Luckily, I had a chance to meet some coworkers at the office during my first week, but of course now there has been a lot of “e-meeting”. I am excited to one day see some more faces in person! For now, staying connected with my team has been easier than expected. Screen-sharing is a great resource and we have virtual meetings as needed.


Q:  How are you getting company info?

A:  With everything being digital these days, the transition has been smooth. I can access all the onboarding training materials and information that I need from home.

Q:  What is it like having your dad as a coworker and now office mate?

A:   The elephant in the room (haha)! I thought it would feel strange, but honestly it has been so helpful for me, especially in times like these where I am new and still learning about MTSI and our capabilities while being away from the office and other co-workers. We currently have a shared office space in the basement. Fortunately, there have not been too many complaints about my Work From Home playlists…yet!