Supervised Autonomous
Function Executive
Supervised Autonomous Function Executive (SAFE)
Expandable Variable Autonomy Architecture (EVAA)
  1. Provides automatic maneuvering for air and ground collision avoidance with pilot cueing
  2. Includes geo-fence capability to establish exclusion zones
  3. Utilizes a high-rate data link and/or air-to-air radar
  4. Coordinates 9 escape maneuver options that are easily tailorable to host aircraft performance
  5. Suitable for any type of vehicle (air, ground, marine or space)
  6. Supports many highly dynamic aircraft in close proximity
  7. Fully ground aware
SAFE implements MM-RTA best practices across the federal government and commercial industry to assist with certification efforts of autonomous platforms. It stands up a software and hardware integration lab (SIL / HWIL) to evaluate the implementation of the proprietary and non-proprietary elements.

MTSI established MM-RTA HWIL/SWIL lab for capability assessments.
Performing Supervised Autonomous Function Executive (SAFETM) Requirements Study
Army Future UAS
Providing SAFE multi-monitor-Run time Assurance (MM-RTA) services to Architecture, Automation, Autonomy and Interfaces (A3I) Demonstration
Assisting SOCOM integrate EVAA onto their Grey Eagle platform
Assisting SOUTHCOM transition EVAA from NASA to the DoD through the Resilient Autonomy JCTD
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