Vita and MTSI plan on revolutionizing century-old airdropping technology on U.S. Air Force C-130’s and C-17’s

Vita and MTSI plan on revolutionizing century-old airdropping technology on U.S. Air Force C-130’s and C-17’s

April 24, 2020



In light of the global coronavirus pandemic, Vita Inclinata Technologies, Inc. has partnered with Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI), to investigate the applicability of deploying Vita’s Hoist Rescue Load Stability System (LSS®) to provide precision placement and retrieval of loads from fixed-wing aircraft.

MTSI developed a patent-pending tethered technology called Rapid Aerial Employment System (RAES®) that allows fixed-winged aircraft (manned or unmanned) to pick up and deliver various payloads similar to a helicopter, while flying high above the target to avoid hazards, threats and detection.

Vita developed the world’s first autonomous system to provide rotational and swing control of suspended loads from a helicopter in adverse conditions. The Load Stability System is a platform independent unmanned system capable of controlling the motion of all types of suspended loads.

The partnership will combine the LSS and RAES technologies for rapid deployment by multiple fixed-wing squadrons within the U.S. Air Force to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Their mission is simple, to quickly enable the U.S. Armed Forces to precisely emplace emergency medical supplies or extract payloads at speed, range and altitude of fixed-wing platforms within urban or confined environments. Both MTSI and Vita intend to have the initial flight of the combined systems by Q4, 2020.

“This collaboration between Vita and MTSI will expand the operational envelope of the Load Stability System. Rather than just becoming a technology for rotary-wing aircraft rescue, the LSS will now see a future in rescue and load placement from fixed-wing aircraft. There is nowhere in the USAF that Vita can’t execute their mission to save lives and support the war fighter.” Caleb Carr, President of Vita Inclinata Technologies, Inc.

“By partnering with Vita Inclinata, MTSI sees a rapid approach of getting the amazing innovations of our Rapid Aerial Employment System and Vita’s Load Stability System into the hands of those teams needing to precisely deliver or retrieve supplies at the speed and ranges only fixed-winged aircraft can provide. This collaboration will allow for 2-way cargo operations at distance and in the urban, maritime, and arctic regions once denied to our U.S. Air Force while saving time, money, assets and more importantly lives.” Peter “Pepe” LeHew, Co-inventor of RAES and MTSI Project Lead.

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