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Test & Evaluation

With over 20 years providing highly specialized T&E expertise to multiple government customers and over 40 Test Pilot School and 70 DAU’s PM course graduates, MTSI evaluates complex weapon systems, aircraft, sensors and payloads at all classification levels.



  • Concept analysis and use case scenarios
  • Parametric & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Live, virtual, human-in-the-loop simulations
  • Fast-time constructive simulations
  • Distributed simulation environments
  • Exercises, Wargames, Training


Past Tasks

  • High Fidelity Sensor Modeling (EO/IR/Radar)
  • Lethality Analysis
  • 6-DOF aircraft, missile, and seeker analysis
  • 3-D Visualization & Simulation
  • Probabilistic Risk & Safety Analysis
  • Airspace Characterization & Encounter Modeling
  • Sense & Avoid Sensor/Algorithm performance

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