The central theme of MTSI’s Innovation Program is to develop high quality differentiating capabilities that enable us to help solve real-world challenges facing our current and future customers. Our continuous focus on developing and delivering innovative solutions and products is an integral part of MTSI’s vision and a driver for high employee engagement and exceptional customer service. MTSI's innovation process achieves a relatively high return on innovation investment (ROI2) and establishes Intellectual Property (IP) in several key enabling markets. We also work closely with our customers to ensure they are able to attain the necessary IP rights required to implement the MTSI-developed solution to solve their challenge.

Sense & Avoid Flight Encounter Simulation Toolset (SAFEST)


SAFEST® is a trademarked modeling, simulation, and analysis toolset designed to provide the analytical rigor to support unmanned aircraft system (UAS) airspace integration efforts. The tool is used to perform collision encounter studies, probabilistic risk analysis, safety assessments, and sensor trades. 

High Rate Thermal Solver (HiRTS)

HiRTS is a modeling and simulation tool that utilizes pre-computed flux databases developed for each missile component and a 1-D thermal response calculation to provide high fidelity signatures at a fraction of current run times. This method is an order of magnitude faster than the industry standard tool (OSC) without optimization.

Modular Integrated Tracking Solution (MITS)


A dynamically configurable, scalable, low-cost mesh network of miniature transponders that provides a highly reliable range instrumentation enhancement solution for tracking both personnel and vehicles.

Virtual Reality / Gaming Lab

The Virtual Reality / Gaming Lab is a state-of-the-art virtual reality technology enabling current, high resolution, scalable, and widely-accessible virtual training environments. Automated and scalable update/delivery of game level content, leveraging cloud-based hosting and delivery

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

The MBSE Center of Excellence (COE) functions to create detailed, systemic processes for porting requirements, architectures and behaviors across different MBSE tools culmininating in the creation of a comprehensive process-driven, end-to-end architecture products.

Knowledge Commander

MTSI Knowledge Commander is a requirements traceability tool providing our customers with secure web-based access to their requirements. The tool is designed to allow remote and dispersed users the ability to perform requirements management and traceability.

Augmented Visual Inspection Device (AVID)

This hand-held flight line visual inspection tool is used to evaluate and track damage to low observable (LO) aircraft. It provides simple one-way transmission of data into a classified database for further evaluation, scheduling of maintenance, and tracking.

Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI)

KSI provides a transparent digital signature system for ensuring the integrity of any electronic data, combining only mathematics and time. MTSI provides Professional Training and Certification on all Guardtime KSI capabilities, Consulting services, and Roadmap development.

Space Weather Modeling


Space Weather Modeling is a highly complex algorithm based solely on first order physics for predicting space weather events (e.g. solar flares) far into the future.  This effort also entailed validation of the code through independent assessments.

Intelligent Constrained Autonomous Strategic Tasking (ICAST)

MTSI is partnering with MIT/LL to develop an add-on module known as ICAST to the Next Generation Incident Command System (NICS) that will help emergency responders better coordinate the use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) into their emergency response efforts.