Strategic Space Initiatives

Space is a high-stakes domain that encompasses the nation’s highest value assets.

Adversaries are in constant pursuit for consequential disruptions of routine support for all warfighting domains and our people’s way of life. 

Space Domain

High-stakes require the highest-level skills and solution set from concept and development to deployment and execution. MTSI Strategic Space is the preferred lead for rapid development, test, fielding, and sustainment of emerging, first-of-kind space warfighting capabilities.

Rapid Acquisition Support

Rapid Reactions

As a prime contractor, MTSI provides highly specialized systems engineers and acquisition specialists to rapidly develop ground systems, payloads, busses, launch, and launch control to field first-of-a-kind space capabilities to meet operational needs of today’s warfighter.

Space Domain Awareness

MTSI provides expertise and experience to accomplish a broad range of highly classified specialized engineering, program management, and system integration of first-of-kind space capabilities and supporting digital engineering environment architectures and accreditation.

Rapid Prototyping, Testing, Deployment, and Sustainment

MTSI performs rapid prototyping, testing, deployment, and sustainment of ground-based, space capabilities meeting time-sensitive requirements with a joint military-government civilian team focused on the warfighter.

Space Acquisition Strategies

MTSI serves technical leadership roles critical to development of acquisition strategies and technology efforts to meeting aggressive cost and schedule requirements for both the Transport and Tracking Layers.

Space Enterprise Cybersecurity

MTSI provides defensive cyber cababilities that protect mission systems, software applications, and sensitive operational information against uaautorhrized intrusion, coorruption, and/or destruction.

Cutting Edge Software Integration

Supporting Space Situational Awareness

MTSI delivers agile development, software engineering and analytical services. Through this, MTSI provides responsive and innovative space, air, maritime, and ground-based intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)-system situational awareness solutions.

Collection Situational Capabilities

MTSI provides collection situational capabilities for a diverse blend of National, Tactical, and Maritime assets, covering past (event reconstruction), present (in near real time), and future time windows. We deliver visualization content compatible with multiple industry standard visualization tools, including Cesium, Leaflet, Google Earth, and others.

Office of Space Commerce

MTSI provides engineering support and application development. MTSI engineers utilize our expertise in real-time data integration, Cloud Application Development, Data Science, UI/UX and DevSecOps to develop applications for the purpose of building out an operational center.

Space Engineering and Application Development

MTSI provides engineering support and application development in support of joint customers. MTSI engineers utilize our expertise in Breakup Modeling, real-time data integration, Cloud Application Development, Data Science, User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) and DevSecOps to transition applications from R&D to operations.

Systems Engineering & Integration

Space Capability Advisement

MTSI leads analysis to aggregate our nation’s space capabilities. MTSI talent advise on how best to present space forces with current capabilities matched to current threats taking into account knowledge of our space acquisition pipeline of future forces. Proper advisement for future aggregation of forces requires expert reduction of future threat analysis, which is integral to operational planning of our newest service and combatant command.


MTSI and teammates support the customer’s mission to provide highly reliable telemetry, tracking, command, communication and control (TT&C3) for numerous satellites. In addition, MTSI integrates new systems and services in all phases of the acquisition life cycle providing engineering technical services.

Sensors and Tracking

MTSI leads cradle-to-grave technical, programmatic and engineering efforts, including threat analysis, architectures/concepts, requirements, sensor data analysis, design, acquisition support and integration of emerging capabilities. Programs include kill assessment and hypersonics and ballistic tracking space sensor.

Next Gen Capabilities

MTSI provides systems engineering, logistics support, and supports modernization. MTSI and its teammates execute effective and responsive integrated engineering and logistics of space-related research, development, test, production, launch and sustainment activities. MTSI proudly serves with next-generation capabilities to our customer from multiple geographical locations.



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