MTSI Digital Transformation 101

Digital Transformation 101

Advances in technology enabled MTSI to solve complex problems in the modern world and drive organizations to rapidly pivot in the adoption of digital processes and best practices to outpace near peer threats.

MTSI’s “Foundations for Enabling Digital Transformation” enables you to deliver rapid capabilities using a digital strategy that will scale, with speed.


Digital Transformation Fundamentals

Digital Ecosystem/Government Reference Architecture
  • Authoritative Source of Truth (ASoT)
  • Top down strategy, vision, objectives, and principles across Government Systems
  • Digital design thread Program Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Cost Optimization across Project and Solutions Portfolio
Digital Engineering
  • Authoritative “Digital Twin” models and data
  • Ability to pull a “digital thread” through the entire System Life Cycle
  • Provides ability to model design, manufacturing, test & sustainment
DevSecOps/Agile Development
  • Software Containerization
  • Re-usable “hardened” libraries
  • Applies agile software & hardware
  • Applies agile software & hardware development sprints
Modular Open Systems Approach
  • “Consortium” defined & enforced interface standards
  • Enables modular designs and “plug & play” capability
  • Encourages competition for system upgrades
  • Break “vendor lock”

Foundations for Enabling Digital

Course Overview

What if you could digitally analyze your fielded system?

What if you could predict the best sustainment actions?

What if you could prototype in a digital environment?

MTSI’s “Foundations for Enabling Digital Transformation” is a four (4) hour course designed to provide a detailed introduction of Digital Transformation including Digital Engineering, Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Digital Twins, DevSecOps agile software development, Open Architecture, and other elements of a Digital Ecosystem for Government program offices.

This is an executive level primer designed exclusively for Government and Commercial Program Management Chief Engineers, Program Managers and their staffs. This program explains the benefits of Digital Engineering methods and tools, and what to ask and require of your contractors to implement Digital into your program.

MTSI is an industry leader in Digital Transformation including MBSE, DevSecOps and Open Architectures, and provides the Government support as they establish their Digital Ecosystems.


Course Topics

Digital Ecosystem/Government Reference Architecture
  • Digital Engineering and its benefits
  • Industry methods and tools
  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and the Digital Twin
  • Agile Software Development
  • Development/Security/Operations (DevSecOps)
  • Modular Open Systems Approach
And so much more…

Equip through training and education in firmly grounded engineering principles of “going digital”. The Digital Transformation shift is just the beginning in developing cutting edge capabilities for the Warfighter!

Don’t let your organization get left behind.



  • NASA Advanced Air Mobility
  • MDA DV
  • AFRL Munitions Directorate
  • Navy PMS 320
  • PEO Aviation FARA
  • OUSD Mission Engineering
  • On-Demand Commercial MBSE training

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